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A time in each person's life that cannot be avoided is the death of a loved one. The pain endured at such a time is inexplicable and the loss cannot be justified.

It is at such times that caring, professional help and guidance can ease the burden. Middleton & Wood of Burntwood are a local family funeral directors owned and run by Vince Williams who has lived and worked in the local community for over thirty five years. As a family business Vince and his staff will ensure that they listen to and understands the need of its families, and we aim to serve with dignity, sympathy and compassion during these troubled times and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for guidance and collection of a deceased person to our Chapel of Rest.

We also offer a free advisory service and would be happy to discuss any questions or queries you may have.


Should the death occur at home, or within a nursing or rest home, the family doctor or doctor on duty will be required to attend to certify death. If they are able, they will issue a death certificate. If they are not available the rapid response paramedics will attend or in special cases a registered nurse.

A telephone call to Middleton & Wood (01543 677494) day or night to advise and effect the collection of the deceased to our care.

Should the death occur in hospital, the relevant staff will advise you as to the correct procedure and where to collect the death certificate.

In all cases the death certificate must be taken to the Registrar of Birth, Deaths and Marriages for official record purposes.


It is a legal requirement to register the death in the district in which the death took place. Details for districts may be obtained on request from our offices.

The certificate obtained from the doctor who certified the death, must be presented together with one of the following;

The Deceased's National Health Medical Card

The Deceased's Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate


Full name of the Deceased

Home Address

Date and Place of Birth

Date and Place of Death

Last Occupation

Date of Birth of Surviving Partner

If in receipt of a State Pension

Full Name of the Informant

Your relationship to the Deceased

Your home address


You will receive from the registrar, a green certificate for burial or cremation which must be handed to us as soon as possible. You will also be given a white registration document which must be completed and sent to the local DSS office.

The registrar will sell you copies of the Death Certificate at the current rate. You will require these for Insurance claims, Banks and Solicitors etc.


There are a number of reasons why a death may have to be referred to the Coroner, and under such circumstances special procedures may be necessary. These however, should not give cause for undue alarm.

The Coroner may be able to ascertain by simple enquiry whether the death was due to natural causes and if a doctor is able to issue the death certificate. If this is not the case, the coroner may require a post mortem examination. This will usually establish the exact cause of death.

Once this has been established the coroner will send a certificate to the registrar and you will be required to register the death in the normal way.

However, if the coroner requires additional information as to how the death occurred, he may need to hold an inquest. This is an enquiry to establish the reasons why death occurred. Following the inquest the coroner will issue a certificate for burial or cremation.. In certain cases, he may adjourn the inquest in order to gather further information. A certificate will be issued at this point to allow the funeral to take place and the inquest will be reopened at a later date.

We are fully conversant with the likely cause for referral to the coroner and will be able to advise you accordingly.


The arrangement of the funeral may be conducted at our offices in which case no appointment is necessary. Alternatively, home appointed arrangements are available on request.

We contact all the necessary authorities to arrange the funeral to take place at a time and date suitable to the family, and complete all the required documentation for burial, cremation or repatriation.

Every requisite to religious or non religious custom will be adhered to and we will endeavour to carry out any special requirements you may have.

An Independent Family Business

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